...discipline with purpose.

...a disruptor for positive change.

Or for a more concrete answer, check out my interview with Flow Experiences.

But is fun.
Design speaks to people.
Design should be humane.
Responsibility begets design.

I believe research, copy, design, and code are inseparable — the user experience is in everyone's hands, and communication between teams is key. That designing for inclusion makes the web better for everyone. That walking problems back and humanizing the overall situation pays off in the long run. And that the 'one box 3 boxes one box' web grid is ready to be broken.


I search for ways design can contribute meaningfully to people's complex and varied internal and external lives, both as individuals and groups.

As a student of people and craft, I find that continuous learning in subjects like agile design, UX, and photography are impactful, but studying how people gather, think, and find meaning add valuable layers.