New standalone edtech SaaS product

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UX strategy and research: qualitative research/analysis/synthesis, competitive analysis, narrative maps, workshop faciliation
UX and UI design: vision concepting, wireframes, prototyping, user testing, novel artifact creation

The edtech leader in making whole-student data actionable (including behavior, academics, and social-emotional learning) wanted to bring a new audience into their comprehensive enterprise SaaS software, while also creating a standalone product.

As part of the newly formed ‘Family Engagement’ squad, we were tasked with creating a new product centered around incorporating student families that had the potential to bring in 1M ARR within a year of launch.

With this broad directive, I worked closely with the squad’s dedicated UX researcher to apply a wide variety of research approaches, collaborating to distill research synthesis into visual artifacts, workshops, and leadership presentations. Research included dozens of virtual qualitative interviews ranging from exploratory to problem validation to concept testing with a range of personas. Also extensive desk research was conducted to summarize decades of scientific research around effective family engagement approaches (e.g. start off with a positive, personal touchpoint early in the year, approach them as the child experts they are). Competitive surveys and analysis were conducted I designed and ran a set of internal workshops as well to both expand on and distill existing knowledge into over 400 ideas that were categorized from short-term solutions to long-term vision and north stars. Meanwhile, unmoderated user testing was used to assess strengths of existing concepts that integrated within the current product lineup.

Through extensive research synthesis and both visionary and detailed design prototypes, the researcher and I were able to steer the product team and the CEO/leadership towards meaningful family engagement solutions that would progressively build from involvement to engagement with student families, making them true partners in education. Concrete steps to integrate and bridge this new audience within the existing software programs were designed, tested, and developed, while current clients were recruited by the product manager to act as beta testers. I worked with the team to map a defined one-year plan as well as a longer-term vision and north star to steer towards, represented via 3 vision concept prototypes focusing on unique value adds to also test for product-market fit.