Product research

Utilizing ongoing research to evolve understanding and build the story forward, including generative qualitative interviews and synthesis, stakeholder interviews, moderated and unmoderated testing, competitive analysis, and academic desk research, to inform narrative-building artifacts and ultimately deliver something that resonates with an audience of people.

UX strategy

Critical thinking integrated with UX research and strategy methodologies. A focus on real-world situations and a curiosity for how people live, think, and find meaning within themselves, their communities, and cultures. Finding positive overlap between the business models and data insights and inventing something worthwhile. Utilizing activities such as problem statements, value propositions, provisional/verified personas, journey maps, and funnel matrixes to align and inform conversations within teams and companies.

Low-to-high-fidelity design

Over five years of agency art directing experience and over fifteen total years experience leading and designing unique, engaging systems that work for people through online and offline touch points. Applied with attention to craft, detail, and connection (plus a necessary sense of humor). Utlizing vision concepts, UX and UI design and prototyping, design systems, branding, workshop facilitation, writing, and front-end programming experience to bring clarity to the story and better connect with others.

Diverse experience

Early-stage startups to global 500 companies, including: banks, pharmaceutical, health, automotive, and education; native apps to interactive web tools to comprehensive SaaS products; Focus on accessibility and larger considerations of any audience.

Catered approach

Revealing and building narratives, weaving together characters, places, situations, and time like a screenwriter, while utilizing reliable and invented artifacts to move the story forward. Uncovering the current UX maturity levels and building relationships to nudge them forward. campaigns.

0-1 or upleveling an iteration

Starting apps and SaaS products from scratch based on a vague idea through iterating existing offerings in ways that expand their footprint and resonate more with the audience in their daily lives.

Staying on top of what works

I'm always looking to share knowledge picked up from design books, online publications, and local design events. Interests include UX strategy, accessibility, UX maturity, anthropology, sociology and how people find purpose and meaning, progressive web apps, and CSS Grid Layout (peek at the source code).

Clients you know and love

I've led design work on projects for national and international companies in a variety of industries including higher education, financial, home goods, healthcare, fashion, pharmaceutical, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, finance, and food services.

Unique Mix

I bring positive energy and a contributive mindset, which has led to a varied skill set. I like to experiment, mix disparate ideas, and get out in the world to observe and try new things. I'm at my best when I'm collaborating, thinking critically, and contributing to culture. I bring calm, humor, and everlasting desire to bring something good into the world.

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