Hold on, no thumbnails to click on work samples? Not even a clunky carousel to show websites? Worry not; there's always a diverse variety of new work coming out of the kiln. Say hello, I'd be glad to share.
I search for ways design can be rewarding, contribute meaningfully and engage on a daily basis. A good part of that involves being a constant student of craft, focusing on how design truly communicates, and the remembering the importance of empathy in all aspects of work. To stay engaged I skim up outside skills and knowledge along the way - from copywriting to hand-coding websites, from leading and working within a team to conversing with clients to understand their intents and goals.

I believe that a successful project or team realizes that story, design and code are inseparable. I believe in the immediate accessability of the web and the lasting, sensory value of print. The humanistic exchange of ideas and the process of change.

That, and the pursuit of the sketch marker...